Monday, January 27, 2014

Indictments, Abuse, Neglect, Oh My.

The world of equine trade is a seedy under belly of vile individuals, who always seem to be up to their old tricks.  
Of course some individuals over at Penn National are no exception to that statement.

From a groom to a owner, and of course back to a chicanery horse dealer.  Some just never seem to lose those stripes.

I present to you the latest victim of Kristy Haugh who happens to be wadding in the cesspool.

Diamonds For Mia.

A far cry from her days on the track.

Another, Irish Wind.

How Irish Wind was sent to his new home.

Strangles, poor body condition, see the trend now?

Riddle me this.  Just how is it that Equine Harmony Unlimited is being allowed to continue to operate?

Clearly aside of the obvious anti cruelty violations.  These horses were not fit for sale.  Let's read this together, to make sure that my spectacles are not failing me.

Proof is in the pudding, now isn't it?

A esteemed owner at Penn National, racing horses that once belonged to the indicted Sam Webb, and running that travesty of a program out of his property.  Surely there is no "hidden" agenda there, right?


  1. I just emailed EVERYONE I knew at Penn and surrounding area about this girl. Google her name its far worse than what's on here !!!

  2. Emailed everyone I knew about this girl word is out already. Google her name seems she has quite the criminal record and had A kid how scary !!